Athen Hill

We craft websites.

The full website will be live soon.

About Us

We craft websites for clients in New Hampshire and Vermont from the comfort of the Upper Valley.

We believe computers can help improve quality of life by making systems more efficient and effective, however we also believe in balancing the digital with socially conscious designs that help people engage in real life.

First Impressions

(Graphic Design)

We craft images and brands that tell a story, are aesthetically pleasing, and are suitable for both digital and print mediums. This sometimes includes photography services.


(Web Design)

We design user friendly (UI/UX), mobile first websites, and everything we design is social media and search engine optimized.


(Web Development)

We custom build data driven and object oriented platforms with optional ecommerce integration.


(Domains and Hosting)

We can offer SSL secured, privacy protected domains backed by stable, secure, and scalable cloud servers, or we can help you manage your domain and hosting via a third party.

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